Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone, this is my first post on WordPress!

I have been working on this blog since some weeks as I felt I wanted a way to archive and write about multiple stuff relating to video games and especially about how and why games are made.  People who know me already might have an idea of what I mean by this: I write a lot, so much that it could belong to a dedicated place.

This is when creating a WordPress blog came into play.  With this blog, i have more liberty on what I want to post and if people were ever interested in, they could get email notifications.  Along with a lot of stuff that makes having a personal blog more convenient, I intend to write a lot of articles that I think is worth to share because of how informative the content can be.

In fact, this is the main goal of this blog: be informative.  Not necessarily entertaining (but I can do jokes 🙂 ), but mostly informative so that the contents at least felt it was interesting enough to worth the long read.  This is why being exhaustive will be a main focus of this blog so expect quite long posts.

For people who are wondering what about my Smashboards activity?

It’s likely going to decrease significantly since I now have a blog that makes more sense to put my posts in.  If you enjoyed my posts while I was there, then I recommend you follow this blog or my twitter since I linked it so my twitter will say when a post is up.  I will still be there, but much less present than before, sorry to anyone who enjoyed my paperness there.

Speaking of Smashboards, the first articles I intend to do is to port my old reviews on WordPress so I don;t have to have a lot of bookmarks any more.  WordPress offers enough options to essentially have a lot more formatting options so I think I will get used to it eventually 🙂

As for when I will post, any time I feel like it 🙂  I don’t want to post after a specific period because it makes me feel I must post, but I will try to space out posts if I have multiple ideas in mind so that it doesn’t feel too much in one day.  Not to mention the time it would take me to write long posts.

So far, I mostly intend my blog to be about video games, video games reviews and engineering stuff about video games.

I already made a page describing more about what is this blog exactly which you can check in a link somewhere in the blog (on desktop pc, it’s on the left).

Let’s hope I can bring you interesting posts in this new blog, I can’t wait to see how this experience will go 🙂


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