About this blog

This blog is about me talking about video game opinion such as reviews and also talk about the engineering of them in a usually very exhaustive manner.

Who am I exactly?

I am a gamer that is very interested in computers logic like programming.  I am also a huge fan of the Paper Mario series, mostly the first 3 games of said series.  This is how I came to glitch hunt Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door for around 6 months which i left after that period.  Currently, I am glitch hunting Super Paper Mario.

Why I made this blog?

I made this blog because I came to realise how my exhaustive way of telling my opinion on games would belong better in a dedicated blog.  I used to post most of my essay on a forum called Smashboards, but as time passed, I began to be more inactive as I found other ways to share ideas (such as twitter and of course, WordPress).  It also allows me to archive these posts so they are easier for me to categorise and link.  Lastly, it allows people to see how I see video games from multiple perspective.  I could be reviewing games from an engineering perspective or a player perspective which often gives interesting points about how and why some games are made.

What should readers expect about the post’s format?

As a reader, you should expect fairly long posts, mostly text talking about one subject in particular.  When I say that I am exhaustive, I mean it, some posts are about 3-5 thousands words and can go beyond that simply because I have a lot of things to say about one subject.  I sincerely believe that writing as much as I can helps people to understand details of an idea so people would be free to synthesise them afterwards and I believe this would result in more accurate ideas.

What about contents?

As for contents, the blog is going to be mostly about video games in general, but it will have a stronger focus on reviews, general game design talk and of course, in depth articles about game’s programming.  I might even write articles about explaining complex glitches or maybe the glitches I would find.  This also mean I can offer my perspective as a glitch hunter which is in my opinion something the can be interesting as glitch hunting isn’t a very known way of playing games.

Other notes

I will try my best to make my explanation understandable even if you don;t have much knowledge in programming.  There might however be some articles that I would have to explain with programming terms since it just might be too complex for me to tell the full story without them.

A little notes on my game reviews: they spoil everything about the game.  I don;t intend my reviews to be a way for people to decide if they want to buy a game, I more see them as a retrospective on the games and how it affected me.  I will however put a shortened version without spoilers if you want to hear my general opinion without having brought the game yet.

Lastly, keep in mind that English isn’t my first language (it’s French) so there might be some grammar errors and syntax error, but I will say that i think I am skilled enough in English so that most of what I will say would be understood.  Oh and I am a bad typist….expect quite a bit of typos 😦


With that in mind, I hope you’ll enjoy this blog and I hope my articles would end up being informative enough for you 🙂