Exhaustive review; Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

As I said in my previous post, this is going to be the last of my ported review I will post.  I did others reviews, but they aren’t as good and exhaustive as I would have liked.  Also, since I already posted 3 times in a row reviews, I will actually take a break from them in the next couple of posts (at least 2) and post more about engineering of games in glitches.  The next one is going to be a very well-known glitch that is in my opinion my favorite glitch because it’s very fascinating on the reasons why it works.

But on to the review, I might say it’s not the best review i could have done, but I found it good enough to be posted.  Just again, keep in mind that this review will spoil everything and is intended as a retrospective on the game.  This means that I do not recommend to read it if you never played the game.  Also, you might want to read my Sticker Star review since I will actually refer to Sticker Star a lot in this review.  Oh and just a little note, at the end of the review i say that I am optimistic for the Paper Mario’s series future.  That was true when i wrote the review, however…..times have changed and I now am not looking forward to its future due to a certain recent announcement….

With that in mind enjoy 🙂

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Exhaustive review: Paper Mario Sticker Star

This review is ported from a post I made on Smashboards.  In my opinion, I consider it the best review I have written because I really talk about ANYTHING I could have on that game (I even bought the game to review it actually).  I had to post it as one of my first posts because I realised over time that this review explains so much on my takes on the series that I refer to it quite a lot.  This includes the last review I intend to port; my Paper Jam review.

With that in mind, if you have yet to play the game, I don’t recommend to read the review, however…..that particular game doesn’t have much to spoil from.  So I guess if you don’t intend to beat it, then your choice, but just keep in mind that I do spoil everything oin these reviews, it’s intended to be a retrospective view on the games and if you want to know more, you can read my about this blog page.

So enjoy this review, it’s worth the length of it 🙂

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Exhaustive review: Zelda Twlight Princess HD review

This review is ported from one of my Smashbaords posts.  I decided to start this blog with a recent review I have done, after that, I will do port the Sticker Star and then my Paper Jam review.

Note: this review spoils everything on the game, this review is intended as a retrospective on the game.  For more information, please check the about this blog page.

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